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Presenting “Lost in Paradise," a captivating short film and series of photos by New York-based director Jordi Perez, that intricately explores the fleeting yet profound moments within a relationship's tapestry. Through Perez's tender lens, the narrative unfolds, weaving the tension between neutrality and affection, transcending time and space.

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“At the core of our visual narrative," Perez shares, "lies the metaphor of longing, vulnerability, and release. It's about the feeling of having thoughts or something to say—as if it’s stuck in the back of your throat and struggling to find a voice. It's surrendering and being seen and held by another, providing relief from strong or repressed emotions."

“Through intimate closeups, the two embrace and explore. Not having been in a relationship myself I find it interesting conjuring up projects where I attempt to visualize the innermost feelings that seem to have no explanation between people with overwhelming amounts of connection. Portraying the couple so intimately felt like an unconscious cathartic experience–as if they were a memory I were reliving."

Inspired by and featuring jewelry designer Anna Kikue's collections, “Lost In Paradise” and “Catharsis,” the project navigates the delicate balance between tranquility and chaos. Anna's work, echoing the exploration of paradise amidst turmoil, defines paradise as “a state of being and the ethereality, wonder, and contradiction of experiencing periods of immense tranquility or happiness while vacillating between catastrophe.” This theme is further reflected in the selection of designs worn by the couple, marrying industrial chain elements with softer, organic motifs, symbolizing the fusion of clear lines and raw, unrefined beauty.

"Anna's jewelry," notes Perez, "exemplifies this blurry threshold, tying the project together. Her work and visual thinking were instrumental in shaping our aesthetic and thematic direction." Anna's poignant question in the “Lost in Paradise” collection notes, “What becomes of paradise in the face of hell? How is it reimagined?” invites viewers to contemplate the transformative power of seemingly trivial moments of togetherness in the face of turmoil in the world around us.



Director: Jordi Perez (
DP: Robert Newman (@robby_sabi)
Production Company: Buena Vista Road (@buenavistaroad)
Producer: Sabrina Alvarez (@sabrinaalvarez__)

Talent: Alex Jon (@bewarelx) & Tomika Uy (@tobid0bi)
Casting Agency: ITBOY AGENCY (@itboyagency)

First Asst. Camera: Max Shwarz (@maxrschwarz)
Steadicam Op: David Darlington (@depthbydavid)
Gaffer: Santiago Vanegas (@saceni)

Hair and Makeup: Tatiana Smalls (@icy_smalls)
Jewelry: Anna Kikue (@anna.kikue)

Editor: Ethan Santana (@iheartxantana)
Sound Design: Oscar Chiu (@online_threat)
Visual Design: Osorio Reyes (@osokokote)


Jordi Perez is a Dominican American director and photographer based in New York City, specializing in fashion, beauty, music, and film. His work explores the tension between intimacy and self awareness through stories about queer Latinx bodies, expressive movement, and duality. He blends realism and fantasy, examining our relationship with the mundane and the wondrous in everyday life.

Jordi’s editorial and commercial work is characterized by deep care and authenticity. In an era where representation can be superficial, he strives to tell people’s stories accurately and honorably, documenting them in their most authentic form. His commercial work is thoughtful, elegant, and organic.

Initially drawn to cinematography, Jordi was determined to create work he felt personally connected to and began by shooting experimental dance films and music videos with friends. He naturally transitioned to fashion films and creative commercials, bringing his unique perspective and style.

Jordi has collaborated with Marco Castro, Willy Chavarria, Anna Kikue, Official Rebrand, and Hikari No Yami. His directing and photography work has been featured in Latina Magazine, Hypebeast, and on the cover of Four Acres’ zine “The Dance Issue.”

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